Lesson Plans 4/1-4/5

4/1-4/5 8.10 Earth and Space, Climatic interactions exist among Earth, Ocean, and Weather Systems

M- Obj: Describe the role of convection in creating the Earth’s prevailing winds. Journal Page 58 Convection, Convection Observation Lab, Circulation of Atmospheric Cells video

T- Obj: Briefly describe the 3 major atmospheric convection cells in each hemisphere (Northern and Southern). Journal Page 59 Convection Cells, Convection Demonstration Video: Candle in a Box

W- Obj: Explain the phenomena of prevailing sea breezes. Journal Page 60 Sea Breezes, Convection and Wind at the Beach Video, Using an anemometer

TH- Obj: Identify the role of oceans in the creation of tropical storms. The Relationship Between the Air and the Ocean Video, Journal Page 61 Ocean Currents and Tropical Storms, Science in Progress: Global Wind Systems Video

F- (Grades Due) Obj: Identify key symbols on weather maps. Journal Page 62 Weather Maps, Journal Page 62 Weather Maps,

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