Monday 9/3/18
Labor Day
Tuesday 9/4/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.5A GOLD PAN
Format Periodic Table;  Attach Inside the Front Cover of your Journal
Safety Contract (attach Inside the Back Cover of your Journal)
Prepare for Quiz
Journal Page 70
Wednesday 9/5/18 STAAR WARM UP 6.5A
Quiz:  Scientific Method
Group Graphic:  create a model of the atom;  present; 
Research/Report–History of Atomic theory;  Format choice (bullet notes or essay)
Thursday 9/6/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.5D and 6.2B  precipitate formed
Present Reports
Video:  Protons and Neutrons
Video Assignment:  Protons and Neutrons
Friday 9/7/18 STAAR WarmUp 2018 32 6.8C
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