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Teacher Change

Parents, Sandra Mitchell, a retired teacher, will be a long term substitute in this class until April 10. Coach Billy Brown will then teach this class from April 11 until STAAR testing. Please be assured that your child will continue to receive an excellent education by 2 highly qualified teachers. Lesson plans will continue to […]

Lesson Plans March 25-29

M- Obj: Contrast biotic and abiotic resources. Journal Page 54 Grassland Food Web; Biotic/Abiotic Resources, Autotrophs, Heterotrophs, and Decomposers Video, Journal Page 55 Adaptations T- J-Line Dance Crew (No 3rd) Obj: List the resources humanity gains from the world- oceans. Adaptations Video, Adaptations Video, Adaptations Video, Journal Check Review for TEK 11 Test W- Obj: […]

Lesson Plans 3/4-3/8

3-4 PROJECT SOLAR SYSTEM: students will produce a map of the solar system and list the conditions of each object in our solar system. 3-5 PR0JECT SOLAR SYSTEM: students will finish their solar system map. 3-6 Electromagnetic Spectrum: students will label a diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum and discuss each form of wave. 3-7 TEK […]

Lesson Plans 2/25-3/1

2-25 2nd period: Levels of the Universe, 4-6th periods: H-R Diagram- Students will begin to use the H-R diagram to classify star types. 2-26 2nd period: Nebular theory, 4-6th periods: H-R Diagram- Students will describe the evolution of stars from one type to another. 2-27 2nd period: H-R Diagram, 4-6th periods: Early Release 2-28 Solar […]

Lesson Plans Feb 4-8

8th Grade students will attend CTE day at the High School on Monday. Lesson plans may need to be rearranged if needed. 2/4 Weathering, erosion, deposition- Students will define these terms, and how they change topography. 2/5 Weathering, erosion, deposition- Students will describe the topographic features created by these processes. 2/6 Test topographic maps 2/7 […]

Lesson Plans 1/28-2/1

1/28 Topographic map- Students will define a contour line, contour interval, and hachure marks. Use this information to identify land features. 1/29 Topographic map interpretation -Students use a topographic map to identify hills, mountains, depressions, streams,ect. 1/30 Construct a topographic map- students will construct a topographic map in lab. 1/31 WEATHERING, EROSION, DEPOSITION- students will […]