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Lesson Plans Week of 12-3-18

Monday 12/3/18 Journal Page 65 Journal Page 64 Tuesday 12/4/18 2018 15 8.5B Quiz: States of Matter Graph and Math States of Matter Lab Fundamental Forces in the Universe Reasarch Assignment Wednesday 12/5/18 2018 28 8.5E Warm-up: Critical thinking question: contrast weight and mass Fundamental Forces in the Universe Reasarch Assignment Thursday 12/6/18 UIL District […]

Lesson Plans Week of 11-26-18

White Oak Middle School Monday 11/26/18 2018 22 8.5D Journal Page 17 States of Matter Research Assignment Make observations on Lab (spreadsheet) Tuesday 11/27/18 2018 18 8.5A Journal Page 18 Thermal Energy Notes Activity Wednesday 11/28/18 2018 3 8.5E Journal Page 19 States of Matter Lab Assignment Thursday 11/29/18 2018 11 8.5C Graph and Math […]

Lesson Plans Week of 11-12-18

Monday 11/12/18 7.12B bully Unit 3 Review Reflections in Journal pages 15-16: Chemistry   Journal Check Tuesday 11/13/18 Warm-up: prepare review for grading Grade Unit 3 Review Record observation Chemical Changes Lab   Wednesday 11/14/18 Warm-up: prepare for test; turn in review Unit 3 Test (Chemical formulas and equations) Unit 3 Oral Test Thursday 11/15/18 […]

Lesson Plans Week of 11-5-18

Monday 11/5/18 bullying Lab Instructions Chemical Changes: Copper and Calcium Carbonate Balancing Chemical Equations (Journal page 13) Journal Page 73   Calcium Carbonate and Acetic Acid demonstration Tuesday 11/6/18 7.12D (STAAR Warm-up) Journal Page 14: Phycial and Chemical Changes Journal Page 73  Card Sort (Compounds, Formulas, Equations) Record observation Chemical Changes Lab Wednesday 11/7/18 Elements of […]

Lesson Plans Week of 10-29-18

White Oak Middle School Monday 10/29/18 (graphic blank) Law of Conservation of Mass Journal page 12 Video-Balancing Chemical Equations Study for Quiz Tomorrow Tuesday 10/30/18 Warm up: Study for quiz Quiz-Parts of a Chemical Equation Counting Atoms Practice Balancing Act Worksheet Wednesday 10/31/18 7.13B (STAAR Warm-up) Grade: Counting Atoms Practice Create 5 “TABOO” Cards (from […]

Lesson Plans Week of 10-21-18

Monday 10/22/18  Student Goal Sheets Journal Page 10: Chemical Compounds Utilize Molecular Modeling kits to demonstrate a compound, a mixture, and a homonuclear molecule Tuesday 10/23/18 7.13A Lab: Metal or Nonmetal Part I Wednesday 10/24/18 7.12E SINGLE CELLED ORGANISMS Lab: Metal or Nonmetal Part II Thursday 10/25/18 7.12E Distributive property assignment Write and Share—Why Can’t […]

Lesson Plans Week of 10-8-18

Monday 10/8/18 2018 40 6.8D Class Project: Periodic Table with electrons Atomic Radii Comparisons Blank Periodic Table Assignment–Trends Journal Page 67 Tuesday 10/9/18 2018 41 6.11B Quiz: electron shell drawings by period/group Journal Page 9  Journal Page 68 Journal Page 69 Wednesday 10/10/18 2018 8 7.12B Blank Periodic Table Assignment–Electron Configuration Blank Periodic Table for […]

Lesson Plans Week of 10-1-18

Monday 10/1/18 STAAR WARM UP 6.11A Lab: Triple-beam balance Mass assignment Discovery Ed: The Periodic table video watching assignment Tuesday 10/2/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.12D Journal Page 8: Periodic Table Groupings and Trends Wednesday 10/3/18 Warm-up: electron shell drawings by period/group Class Project: Periodic Table with electrons Journal Page 67 Thursday 10/4/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.12F Class […]

Lesson Plans Week of 9-24-18

White Oak Middle School Monday 9/24/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.9C LIGHT A MATCH Card Match Game Unit 1 Subatomic Particles Review Tuesday 9/25/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.9E AND 6.2C WIND TURBINE Word Wall Review (Top terms) Head’s Up Card game–sub-atomic particles Grade Unit 1 Review Corrections (Review) Wednesday 9/26/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.9C CAR AND HILL Unit 1 […]

Lesson Plans Week of 9-17-18

White Oak Middle School Monday 9/17/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.8A Half-life Lab Instructions Report of Half-Life Lab Link to explanation of Radioactive Decay to aid in Half-life Lab activities   Tuesday 9/18/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.8B AND 6.3A  Lab Data Spread Sheet Card Sort: sub-atomic particles Wednesday 9/19/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.8C AND 6.2E Atomic Model Drawing Assignment […]