Element Key Assignment

Make an “Element Key” for our make-believe element, “Pennyium”.  The atomic number and atomic mass number should both reflect the actual elemental make-up of pennies.  (The atomic number should include a decimal.)   Use the triple-beam balance to determine the mass in grams of a penny, and convert this to Atomic Mass Units. (converter:  http://www.unitconversion.org/weight/grams-to-atomic-mass-units-conversion.html)   […]

STAAR Warm-up #10

STAAR Warm-up #31

STAAR Warm-up #44

STAAR Warm-up #46

STAAR Warm-up #51

Mean, Median, Range, and Mode Information


Lesson Plans Week of 10-20-14

Link to explanation of Radioactive Decay to aid in Half-life Lab activities


Half-life Lab Instructions

Half-life Lab You will be given 50 pennies. You are to use them to create a model of radioactive decay over time. (We will name the element that we are modeling decay for “Pennyium”. Place all the pennies in a can and dump them.  The pennies that show “heads” will be considered to be the […]