Lesson Plans March 25-29

M- Obj: Contrast biotic and abiotic resources. Journal Page 54 Grassland Food Web; Biotic/Abiotic Resources, Autotrophs, Heterotrophs, and Decomposers Video, Journal Page 55 Adaptations

T- J-Line Dance Crew (No 3rd) Obj: List the resources humanity gains from the world- oceans. Adaptations Video, Adaptations Video, Adaptations Video, Journal Check Review for TEK 11 Test

W- Obj: Contrast heterotrophs and autotrophs. TEK 11 TEST Wavestar Video Assignment

TH- Obj: Evaluate the importance of the oceans to life on Earth. The Endless Voyage….Oceanography Videos, Oceanography Assignment: Students will take notes with at least 5 Bullets from each of the 5 video segments and use these notes and other information to craft a summary essay of the video series.

F- Career Fair

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