Monday 11/5/18
bullying Lab Instructions Chemical Changes: Copper and Calcium Carbonate
Balancing Chemical Equations (Journal page 13)
Journal Page 73 
 Calcium Carbonate and Acetic Acid demonstration
Tuesday 11/6/18 7.12D (STAAR Warm-up)
Journal Page 14: Phycial and Chemical Changes
Journal Page 73 
Card Sort (Compounds, Formulas, Equations)
Record observation Chemical Changes Lab
Wednesday 11/7/18
Elements of Chemistry:  Compounds and Reactions (Video assignment)
(Turn into class tray before you leave)
Career Day
Thursday 11/8/18 7.12D and 3B (STAAR Warm-up)
Coulombic Attraction Worksheet
Journal Page 73 
Friday 11/9/18 Physical/Chemical Changes Card Sort
Unit 3 Review
Reflections in Journal pages 15-16:  Chemistry
Journal Check
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