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Lesson Plans Week of 10-1-18

Monday 10/1/18 STAAR WARM UP 6.11A Lab: Triple-beam balance Mass assignment Discovery Ed: The Periodic table video watching assignment Tuesday 10/2/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.12D Journal Page 8: Periodic Table Groupings and Trends Wednesday 10/3/18 Warm-up: electron shell drawings by period/group Class Project: Periodic Table with electrons Journal Page 67 Thursday 10/4/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.12F Class […]

Lesson Plans Week of 9-24-18

White Oak Middle School Monday 9/24/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.9C LIGHT A MATCH Card Match Game Unit 1 Subatomic Particles Review Tuesday 9/25/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.9E AND 6.2C WIND TURBINE Word Wall Review (Top terms) Head’s Up Card game–sub-atomic particles Grade Unit 1 Review Corrections (Review) Wednesday 9/26/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.9C CAR AND HILL Unit 1 […]

Lesson Plans Week of 9-17-18

White Oak Middle School Monday 9/17/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.8A Half-life Lab Instructions Report of Half-Life Lab Link to explanation of Radioactive Decay to aid in Half-life Lab activities   Tuesday 9/18/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.8B AND 6.3A  Lab Data Spread Sheet Card Sort: sub-atomic particles Wednesday 9/19/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.8C AND 6.2E Atomic Model Drawing Assignment […]

Lesson Plans Week of 9-10-18

White Oak Middle School Monday 9/10/18 6.6B and 6.2A Journal page 2 : sub-atomic Particles Journal Page 3: Models of the Atom Tuesday 9/11/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.6B AND 6.4A Subatomic Particles Quiz Journal Page 4: Bohr Model, Atomic Mass, Covalent bonds Journal Page 5: Electron Cloud Model, Valence electrons Journal Page 71 Wednesday 9/12/18 STAAR […]

Lesson Plans Week of 9-3-18

Monday 9/3/18 Labor Day Tuesday 9/4/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.5A GOLD PAN Format Periodic Table; Attach Inside the Front Cover of your Journal Safety Contract (attach Inside the Back Cover of your Journal) Prepare for Quiz Journal Page 70 Wednesday 9/5/18 STAAR WARM UP 6.5A Quiz: Scientific Method Group Graphic: create a model of the atom; […]