Monday 8/27/18 Warm-Up: AGHS Lab Safety Rap
Finish Journals
Problem Solving Method-Group Inquiry Assignment
Journal Page 1 (Scientific Method)
Tuesday 8/28/18 Warm-Up The Lab Safety Lab Song
Scientific Method Concept Map Assignment
Scientific Method Graphic Organizer Example
Journal Page 70 (Vocabulary)
Wednesday 8/29/18 Warm-Up Zombie College Lab Safety Video
Modeling the Unseen Project Assignment
(ball mazes out of cardboard,  which will be covered)
Groups will map the other mazes.
Thursday 8/30/18 STAAR warm-up 6.5C
Universal Screener part 1
Friday 8/31/18 STAAR WARMUP 6.5A AND 6.3B
Universal Screener part 2
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