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Lesson Plans Week of 8-27-18

Monday 8/27/18 Warm-Up: AGHS Lab Safety Rap Finish Journals Problem Solving Method-Group Inquiry Assignment Journal Page 1 (Scientific Method) Tuesday 8/28/18 Warm-Up The Lab Safety Lab Song Scientific Method Concept Map Assignment Scientific Method Graphic Organizer Example Journal Page 70 (Vocabulary) Wednesday 8/29/18 Warm-Up Zombie College Lab Safety Video Modeling the Unseen Project Assignment (ball […]

Lesson Plans Week of 8-20-18

Monday 8/20/18 Are People Good or Bad Essay Assignment (Share and Discuss) Social Contract Vocabulary Assignment   Tuesday 8/21/18 Warm UP: STAAR 2018 4 6.9C Social Contract Theory Group CLOZE Assignment (group members will collaborate and complete this) Word List   Wednesday 8/22/18 Warm Up: STAAR 2018 20 6.6A discuss application of social contract Brainstorm, […]

Lesson Plans Week of 8-13-18

Monday 8/13/18 Teacher Inservice Tuesday 8/14/18 Teacher Inservice   Wednesday 8/15/18 Teacher Inservice Thursday 8/16/18 Carpe Diem Video Clip;   Ice Breaker; Choose a word that symbolizes you. Write it on the white board. Be prepared to discuss why it symbolizes you. Friday 8/17/18 Eclipse Discussion Eclipse Video Eclipse Links Are People Good or Bad Essay […]