Monday 4/30/17  Instructions for Food Webs in Journal
Journal Page 54 Grassland Food Web;  Biotic/Abiotic Resources
Autotrophs, Heterotrophs, and Decomposers Video
Journal Page 55 Adaptations
Tuesday 5/1/17 Adaptations Video 5:26
Journal Page 56 Ocean Systems
Journal Page 57 Reflections
Review for TEK 11 Test
Journal Check
Wednesday 5/2/17
TEK 11 Test TEK 11 Oral Test
Wavestar Video Assignment
Thursday 5/3/17
The Endless Voyage….Oceanography Videos
Oceanagraphy Assignment:  Students will take notes with at least 5 Bullets from each of the 5 video segments and use these notes and other information to craft a summary essay of the video series.
Friday 5/4/17
Journal Page 58 Convection
Convection Observation Lab
Circulation of Atmospheric Cells video
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