Molecular modeling

Create an electronic presentation of images of playdough models of the following molecules:  Aluminum Monoxide Acetic Acid Tylenol Trinitroluene Ethanol Advil

Periodic Table 8th Grade Class Project

Students will  create a special element-key display for an assigned element.  The created element key will  be created on 1/2 sheet of construction paper.  The information on the element key will include the following: element symbol (centered on paper),  element...

Electron Shell Drawing Assignment

Draw the electrons and electron shells for the following positons on the Periodic Table: 1.  Period 2 Group 18 2.  Period 3 Group 16 3.  Period 2 Group 17 4.  Period 4 Group 2 5.  Period 1 Group 18

Playdough modeling: Ions and Isotopes

Using playdough, create representations of Bohr models of the following Isotopes: Hydrogen Atom (neutral), Deutrium, Tritium, Helium (Atomic Mass 3), Helium (Atomic Mass 4), Lithium (Atomic Mass 6), Lithium (Atomic Mass 7), Carbon (Atomic Mass 12), Carbon (Atomic Mass...
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